Buildings and Complexes for sale in Gran Canaria

Choose from our buildings and complexes for sale in Gran Canaria and find the perfect investment on the island where tourism and fun are in high demand all year round.

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From apartment blocks to hotels, we can help you to find the right investment property on the island that has year round appeal.

Leonor Martín Sánchez
Leonor Martín Sánchez Cardenas Real Estate

We have great opportunities for small or larger investors looking to invest in buildings and complexes, including apartment blocks, hotels, commercial centres, hostals, rural hotels and standalone residential and retail premises. Whether small tourist developments of 10-20 units or larger buildings and enterprises with 50-100 or more units, we make it easy to buy buildings and complexes in Gran Canaria. The heart of Gran Canaria is tourism, and demand is high across the island, from buzzing resorts boasting excellent facilities and golden beaches to more peaceful and spacious interior locations amongst the beautiful hills and valleys of the volcanic landscape. We can help you to find the perfect building or complex in Gran Canaria to match your choice of location and scale of investment, and in every case you can count on year-round sunny days delivered by an enviable year-round climate.