Duplex for sale in Gran Canaria

Find more space to enjoy life on the island by choosing your ideal property from our duplexes for sale in Gran Canaria, as well as a range of townhouses, triplex and semi-detached options.

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Having two or even three floors opens up a wealth of opportunities for spacious family living and makes it easy to welcome guests to your special island home.

Leonor Martín Sánchez
Leonor Martín Sánchez Cardenas Real Estate

Add flexibility and freedom to your choice of home by looking at a variety of locations on the island, including San Fernando, El Tablero, Sonnenland, San Agustín, Arguineguín and Puerto Rico. Whether in a complex or not, having two or even three floors or semi-detached buildings gives you more space, opening up options for giving guests their own accommodation. It also gives you more peace and privacy if you also own the floor or floors above and/or below. Buy duplexes in Gran Canaria in a selection of locations in and around the vibrant tourist resorts or in the more secluded interior of the island, with features including private and communal balconies and roof terraces, garden and swimming pools, parking and views. Whatever you choose, you will have easy access to the year-round season that includes consistently warm and sunny days thanks to one of the best climates in the world.