Duplex to rent in Gran Canaria

Take a look at our duplexes for rent in Gran Canaria and also our townhouses, triplexes and semi-detached options and give yourself some extra space and flexibility to enjoy life on the island.

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Create the perfect space for yourself and make life easier when guests come to stay with the added flexibility of having two or even three floors.

Lucy Evans
Lucy Evans Cardenas Real Estate

With two-floor duplexes, three-floor triplexes and other properties to choose from, we offer a range of spacious options to help you get more from your stay on the island. Having extra floors makes it easier to spread out, gives you added versatility when you have guests to stay and also adds peace and privacy because you are also staying in the floors above and below. Long-term rentals of duplexes in Gran Canaria are available in some great locations in and around the key tourist resorts, by the beach, lining the valleys leading down to the sea, near golf courses or further inland in the island’s breathtaking volcanic scenery. Features include private and communal balconies and roof terraces, gardens and swimming pools, parking and views. Wherever you choose to live you will be guaranteed warm sunny days all year round thanks to one of the world’s best climates.