Buildings and Complexes to rent in Gran Canaria

We offer a range of buildings and complexes for rent in Gran Canaria, each offering excellent opportunities to large and small investors looking to benefit from the island’s thriving tourism industry.

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Whether you are looking to invest in a property with 10 or 100 units, we can help you to find the right solution.

Mette Zib
Mette Zib Cardenas Real Estate

Long-term rentals of buildings and complexes in Gran Canaria are available in a range of categories including apartment blocks, hotels, commercial centres, hostals, rural hotels and standalone residential and retail premises. We can help you to find your ideal rental investment, whether you are looking for something in the region of 10-20 units or are a larger investor with 50-100 units or more in mind. There are many opportunities across the island, in its bustling tourist resorts, in and around the many golfing communities and in the more secluded interior areas amongst the spectacular valleys and cliffs in the shadow of the towering Pico de la Nieves. Whatever your choice, all buildings and complexes will be a part of the vibrant tourism industry that never sleeps and delivers sunny days and perfect sunsets all year round thanks to one of the most perfect climates in the world.