22 Sep 2017

Gran Canaria Property Area Guide: The Mogán Valley

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The Mogán Valley or Valle de Mogán is a hotspot for people looking for a rural house in south Gran Canaria. This isn’t surprising as it’s a beautiful area and one of the warmest and sunniest places in the world.

Where is the Mogán Valley

The Mogán Valley is in the sunny southwest of Gran Canaria. It’s a huge area that stretches back into the Gran Canaria highlands behind the famous seaside village of Puerto de Mogán.

It starts just inland of the GC1 motorway bridge and the lower part of the valley is relatively flat and open. The valley floor is covered by a mix of wild palm trees, houses and mango, avocado and orange orchards.  As you head up the road you reach a series of hamlets, such as El Cercado, El Hornillo, Las Casillas and El Molino de Viento, with more farmhouses, Canarian houses and a few modern properties.

The main town in the Mogán Valley is called Pueblo de Mogán and it is about eight kilometres inland. Pueblo de Mogán is a sleeply place, really just a big village, with a small centre with lots of bars and cafes. It gets plenty of visitors from the resorts but the atmosphere is completely local.

Above Pueblo de Mogán you get more farms and old houses until the beginning of the pine forests and Gran Canaria’s vast Biosphere Reserve.

Google map showing the Mogán Valley in southwest Gran Canaria

Property in the Mogán Valley

Most of the property in the Mogán Valley consists of houses built by local people. There are some modern condominium-style developments in the lower part of the Valle, and in Pueblo de Mogán itself.

Many houses in the rural parts of the Mogán Valley come with a large garden or with arable land planted with fruit trees. Even houses within the hamlets along the road have ample outside space.

Rural houses and fincas in the Mogán Valley sell for between 200.000 and 600.000 euros.

Flats & apartments in the Mogán Valley sell for between 90.000 and 120,000 euros.

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The future of the Mogán Valley

This sleepy area is likely to remain rural and peaceful for many years as building regulations make it almost impossible for serious development to happen. There has been some talk of a bypass in Pueblo de Mogán town to stop cars from driving through the centre but this isn’t past the idea phase just yet.

Puerto and Playa de Mogán get crowded with visitors coming in via the motorway and on local ferries, but the Valley doesn’t get enough tourists to disturb the peace. If you buy a property here, you can expect the sunshine and the mangoes to last forever.

Gran Canaria property guide area: The Rural Mogán Valley