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We work with carefully selected partners and real estate associations to ensure that we offer our sellers and buyers best-in-class services and portfolios.

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At Cárdenas Real Estate we partner with a number of leading MLS (Multi Listing System) organisations and real estate associations. This gives us access to the most up-to-date property information, industry know-how and market developments and helps us to meet our own very high standards and our clients’ expectations.

  • RAIC

    The Canary Islands Estate Agent Registry (RAIC) is a Canarian government-established registry that promotes transparency and professionalism in the real estate industry in Canary Islands. All agents must register with RAIC and abide by a code of ethics. The registry also provides information to clients on how to choose reputable agents and report any issues to protect them from fraud or unethical practices. On the website you can see the list of registered estate agents.

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    ACEGI (Canarian Association of Real Estate Companies) is the largest group of real estate professionals in the Canary Islands. It was founded in 2008 and has more than 90 companies and 700 professionals. Key areas of focus include the ethics and professionalism of the sector, promoting good relationships and representing the sector in front of public administrations, always for the benefit of the client.

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    BOICAN (Bolsa Inmobiliaria de Canarias) is ACEGI’s real estate exchange. It is the largest in the Canary Islands and has 28 real estate agencies in the south of Gran Canaria and 90 agencies and 700 professionals across the island. It is based on the American MLS system whose main objective is real estate collaboration under a strict code of ethics, with great advantages for buyers and sellers.

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    AGORA MLS is the most proactive real estate group in Spain and its main objective is to promote professional collaboration among its members, always under a strict code of ethics. Currently Agora MLS has more than 525 agencies, 3,000 professionals and 8,000 exclusive listings. Training is another of the pillars of Agora MLS, counting on the best real estate trainers nationally and internationally, with a great variety and regularity of online and face-to-face courses. Cárdenas is a founding member of Agora MLS Canarias.

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  • APEI

    APEI (Professional Association of Real Estate Experts) brings together professionals and entrepreneurs in the real estate sector and is established throughout the national territory. It was founded in 1990 and among its main objectives is to provide specialist advice, training and technology services to its members so that they can carry out their activity with the utmost professionalism.

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  • CRS

    CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) was founded in the USA 25 years ago. It relies on the National Association of Realtors to train real estate agents who wish to distinguish themselves from their competition by having accredited training and experience, and maintaining a commitment to quality. CRS agents adhere to the highest standards of quality and professional honesty. Carolina García Chagrin, manager of Cárdenas Inmobiliaria, is a CRS agent.

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  • FAI

    The National Federation of Real Estate Associations (FAI) is made up of 27 real estate associations, more than 890 agencies and some 4,000 professionals. FAI promotes collaboration and excellence in real estate for the benefit of its clients. Our belief is that a home is the most important asset in a family’s life and we recognise the need of committed, trained and skilled professionals to facilitate and secure real estate transactions between buyers and sellers.

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