New developments properties for sale in Gran Canaria

Space may be at a premium on the island, but its popularity and many charms ensure that there are always opportunities to find what you are looking for in the various New Developments and properties for sale in Gran Canaria.

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Sign up for one of the latest building projects on Gran Canaria as early as possible and enjoy the luxury of being the first to call it home.

Leonor Martín Sánchez
Leonor Martín Sánchez Cardenas Real Estate

Building projects are many years in the planning, and our local knowledge and expertise enable us to be among the first to learn about future plans for new-builds and construction in Gran Canaria. We can advise as to the location, level of ambition and facilities included in a project, as well as the past record and reputation of any companies involved. It is beneficial to register interest and become involved as early as possible because prices tend to increase as a project progresses, which also makes this a good investment opportunity. What’s more, Spanish law determines that the property promoter must guarantee all your down payments, which adds security to your investment. There can often be some flexibility in the fit, finish and even layout of new homes that give you a certain level of control over how your New Development property will look and feel.