Houses and flats to renovate for sale in Gran Canaria

Put your personal spin on finding the perfect property by choosing from our houses for sale and to renovate in Gran Canaria and turning it into your vision of your ideal island home.

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Create your unique vision of a dream home and add a very personal touch to life on the island by rejuvenating a house, villa or apartment.

Inge Hildebrandt
Inge Hildebrandt Cardenas Real Estate

If you enjoy taking on a project then why not buy property to renovate in Gran Canaria and make sure that your home perfectly matches your dreams, or becomes a sound investment with favourable returns. Whatever the size or location, we can put you in contact with experienced architects and renovation companies. They can help you to turn your vision into reality by offering help and advice on building, local trades and all the legal aspects of running of your project. You may be looking for a fast turnaround or take your time and enjoy a lifetime labour of love, but we can find you the renovation property that suits your plans. It may be a quiet tumbledown cottage in the hills, an apartment in the centre of town, a fisherman’s retreat or a beachfront villa, but every house offers the same possibility of creating your perfect home. It’s a great way to build a life on the island where the lifestyle is wonderful, the climate is perfect and everything is on your doorstep – from beaches to mountains.