08 Apr 2011

Bellevue Best Property Agent 2011 Gran Canaria

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Cardenas Real Estate wins as well in 2011 the prestigious Bellevue Best Property Agents award. Bellevue Best Property Agent Gran Canaria 2011 The aim of the Bellevue Best Property Agents initiative is to support and encourage the highest of standards within the real estate industry, throughout the world. Their logo conveys the same message wherever you see it, whether its on the Internet or on an estate agents wall - it says exceptional quality. This award is only valid for one year. Best property agents need to continuously prove their worth as they are reassessed at the end of it, for further certification. If there are any material irregularities or justifiable complaints about the agent, Bellevue will immediately remove the agent from the list, and to forbid use of the logo. Bellevue are continually looking for professional, trustworthy agents and developers, in order to enhance their list and ultimately make the whole buying and selling process easier for both buyer and seller.