06 May 2024

Cárdenas Real Estate Team Wins Multiple Awards At The Agora MLS National Awards 2023

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We are proud to announce that Cárdenas Real Estate and our team members won five awards at the Agora MLS National Awards 2023.

The exact awards were…

  • First prize in the Best Advisor / Listings & Sales category for Carlos Gómez
  • First prize in the Best Seller category for Yvonne Weerts
  • Second prize in the Best Listing category for Carlos Gómez
  • First prize in the Sales category for Cárdenas Real Estate
  • Second prize in the Listings category for Cárdenas Real Estate

Congratulations to Yvonne and Carlos for their well-deserved recognitions, and to the entire team that works hard every day to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are all very proud of each colleague who makes up this wonderful Cárdenas Real Estate team.

Many thanks also to the entire Agora MLS team, and especially to Moisés, for making Agora MLS one of the most professional MLS in the Spanish property sector with exceptional training and collaborative projects.

Of course, we also congratulate all the other award winners and colleagues from Agora MLS.

What is the AGORA MLS?

AGORA MLS is among the most proactive and productive corporate real estate multiple listing systems in Spain with over 20 years of experience.

The AGORA MLS is one of the tools we use at Cárdenas Real Estate to make sure that all of our clients receive the best possible service. It allows us to share their property with around 500 other quality agencies employing 3000 estate agents all over Spain and the Canary Islands.

To learn more about Cárdenas Real Estate and our positive approach to Gran Canaria real estate, please read this article on our blog.