28 Nov 2008

Bristol airport, more choice for Gran Canaria flights

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News

Great news for the many keen visitors to Gran Canaria that are based in the south of England and Wales, from Easter 2009 there will be more flights from Bristol International Airport. Teleticket, a flight only travel company have agreed to add the west country airport to their roster. It may be the ninth busiest airport in the UK, but its small user friendly size, makes Bristol a popular take off and arrival point for holiday makers and investors with homes in Gran Canaria. Teleticket already have flights to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Manchester and Belfast and their added competition can only help in keeping flight prices keen for money conscious travellers. The collapse of XL Airways earlier this year was a big blow to Bristol, but the new deal is a show of faith in the airport and Gran Canaria. Demand by UK holiday makers for breaks in Gran Canaria are holding steady as many beleagured families look to the island of all year sun and welcoming beaches, as the perfect tonic to the financial gloom in the UK. Â By Cardenas News