23 Oct 2018

Electricity Supply & Upgrades In Gran Canaria

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The local Endesa power company is asking property owners all over Gran Canaria to install smart digital meters and in some cases to upgrade their power supply.

It is using changes to electricity supply contracts, for example when a property is sold, or during building work, to insist that meters and potencia or power supplies conform to current Spanish and EU rules.

What is the potencia or power supply

The potencia is the power supply your home receives. It is written on your electricity bill in KW (kilowatts) and is normally either 3.3, 4.4, 6.6, 5.5, 7.7, 8.8 or 9.9 KW.

Almost all residential properties are on the lowest power supply. However, if you run a lot of power-intensive appliances it is likely that you exceed the limit at times. The most power-hungry domestic appliances are air conditioning, clothes dryers, ovens, microwaves and washing machines.

Use following table and formula to approx. calculate the needed supply: add all appliances KW, add 1KW for other small appliances and divide the sum by 2 or 3 as not all will be running simultaneously. The new power supplies you will need to choose from are 3.45, 4.6, 5.75, 6.9, 8.05, 9.2, 10.35, 11.50, 14.49.

The power required by electrical appliances in Gran Canaria


What happens if contracted power is below necessary power?

Homes with a power undersupply were not affected with old analogue meters. However, new digital smart meters will cut the electricity supply if the power isn’t high enough. Owners will need to increase the power supply to reconnect the electricity supply.

Endesa insists that any power supply upgrade require an up-to-date boletín eléctrico; a certificate issued by a certified electrical installer (instalador eléctrico) that states that your electrical installations conform to the latest standards.

When can Endesa insist on a new smart meter?

Endesa, the main power supplier in Gran Canaria, is taking advantage of every change in contracts to install the new digital meter; everything from changes of property ownership, home improvements that affect the power supply, even changes to the name that appears on the electricity bill.

Endesa insists that all changes require an up-to-date boletín eléctrico; a certificate issued by a certified electrical installer (instalador eléctrico) that states that your electrical installations conform to the latest standards. Any upgrade requires you to install a new meter.

Why this matters when selling a property

If you have an analogue meter your home may be consuming more power than it is assigned. When the new owner transfers the bill into their name they will be required to upgrade to a smart meter and could have their power cut off if they use more power than contracted.

How do I increase the contracted power?

To increase the power supply, you have to present a boletín from an authorized electric installer that proves that the electrical installation complies with current regulations. If your installations need an upgrade, this works needs to be done before you can get a boletín, increase the power supply and upgrade your meter.

Property sellers: Our recommendation

We advise you to request an official report from an Authorized Electrical Installer that states if your installation complies with the current regulations and the cost, if required, of any upgrades.

It is a clear selling advantage having the electricity supply up to date and it is an investment (in the case that an upgrade is needed) all property owners will have to do in the next months.

If you plan to sell your south Gran Canaria property, we have a 32-page guide to the entire selling process that it completely free.