26 Apr 2013

Energy efficiency certification - requirement will be mandatory on June the 1st

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Things you need to know about energy efficiency certification   etiqueta eficiencia energetica   On April 16 the Royal Decree D 235/2013 of 5th of April 2013 entered into force, by which all buildings, houses and premises that will be leased or sold, must have an energy efficiency certificate. The requirement will be mandatory on June the 1st. Here in the Canary Islands this new law makes less sense compared to other European regions as we benefit from warm springtime temperatures all year long. However it is a European regulation which applies to all European countries.   What is an energy efficiency certificate? It is a certificate which verifies the energy characteristics, thus obtaining an energy rating.   Is an energy efficient certificate legally required? Yes, the RD 235/2013 of April 5th requires the owner of a building, house or premises that will be sold or leased to have this certificate. Newly built buildings are also required to have this certificate. In addition, the energy efficiency label needs to be included in any offer, promotion and advertising linked to the sale or rental of the property. Real estate agencies must exhibit the energy label in their ads.   Are there any exceptions? Yes they are some, the most important exception for our market is for residential properties “Whole buildings or detached properties with a total net area of less than 50m²” (there are only a few cases which would fullfill this).   What type of technician is able to carry out this work? Industrial engineers, technical industrial engineers, architects and technical architects are qualified to carry out this work prior to a specific training.   What does the certificate contain? Much like the multi-coloured sticker on new electrical appliances, the certificate determines how energy efficient a property is and gives it a rating from A to G. It also includes a list of recommendations in order to improve the energy efficiency.   What is the cost to certify a home? Each company or professional can freely offer rates to certify housing. The price will depend on factors such as square meters, the complexity of facilities, or the property documentation provided. Somewhere in a range between 75 and 150 Euros for a standard apartment.   How long is the certificate valid for? The certificate is valid for 10 years, so their annual impact is very low.   Can tenants demand the certificate from owners? If the housing is not exempt from compliance, the owner has an obligation to have such certificate.   What will Cardenas Real Estate do? Unfortunately the authorities have not given the owners much time to adapt to this new regulation. To be able to make this as trouble free as possible we will shortly be notifying all our clients of the procedure and will be offering them the assistance needed to obtain the certificate.