08 Mar 2012

German state television ZDF will spend a month recording in the municipal of Mogan

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[caption id="attachment_1243" align="alignnone" width="570" caption="Puerto de Mogan"]Puerto de Mogan[/caption] The Mayor of Mogan, Francisco Gonzalez is currently in Berlin attending the International tourism fair. On his first day there he has successfully signed an agreement with Germany´s state broadcasting channel ZDF to allow them to travel to our island to record in the municipal of Mogan. A professional team of 150 from the channel will spend a month on our island in the municipal of Mogan resulting in three television programs which will be broadcast to over 20 million viewers. Recording will mainly be in Puerto de Mogan but will also include segments from Puerto Rico to Amadores beach, Playa del Cura, Arguineguin and the Presa de las niñas (reservoir in the mountains). Various sets will be prepared including a huge platform on the water and on the local beach with a capacity to entertain an audience of 300. Mogan’s mayor is very satisfied with the success of his trip to the Tourism fair and the interest shown in the municipal of Mogan. Regarding the agreement achieved he states that this is very positive for the tourist sector in Mogán and hopes that it will have the same impact as in 2007 when the German series “Our man in the south” recorded 4 episodes in Gran Canaria.