04 Feb 2009

Gran Canaria, home to musical "Gold"

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There is a feeling among some potential ex pats, that a move to an island such as Gran Canaria will see them cut off from much of their home culture and entertainment, happily that is just a myth. Gran Canaria is a major attraction for international artists from all manner of musical backgrounds and eras. Re-located Brits in Gran Canaria will be licking their lips at the thought of seeing Tony Hadley, ex lead singer of Spandau Ballet in Las Palmas on February 26. The venue is the Alfredo Kraus auditorium, which has a wide and varied programme of music and theatre throughout the year. To add to the international flavour, Tony Hadley will be backed by the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra, very appropriate for an island where music from many countries blends together. In Gran Canaria you get the best of all worlds as not only do established international artists pop by to entertain, there is also a wealth of great Canarian music and culture, and with Carnaval season arriving in February, the outlook couldn't be better. By Cardenas News