31 Jul 2008

Gran Canaria is the big cheese of tourism

Published in Living in Gran Canaria

There are so many pleasurable sights and sounds in Gran Canaria, but let's not forget the memorable tastes as well. The British based Guild Of Fine Foods are certainly aware of the tastes of Gran Canaria, they have announced that the 2009 World Cheese Awards will take place on the island, at a venue yet to be decided. It's quite a coup, as it's the first time the awards have gone outside the British Isles. Just to make your mouth water, here are some of the reasons that Gran Canaria is a recognised centre for fine cheeses. They produce several types, made from cows, sheep and goats milk, or from a mixture of all three. One of the islands most famous cheeses is Flor de Guia, which is made from rennet produced from a cotton thistle. Depending on your taste buds, you may chose to try a fairly conventional cheese, a half cured variety that has a greasy texture, or a cured type which has a strong and slightly spicy taste. The cheese awards will be followed by an international exposition of great cheeses but the events wont take place until September 2009. It would be cruel to wait that long to experience the wide range of cheese on offer in Gran Canaria, so get down to your local shop and try something new. Accompanied by a delightful Gran Canarian wine , you will discover that even eating a drinking is a pleasure in Gran Canaria. By Cardenas News