24 Oct 2017

Gran Canaria Property Glossary: M-Z

Published in Legal & Tax
Here’s part two of our Gran Canaria property glossary with all the most common and useful Spanish property words used by buyers and sellers. We hope it’s useful and please let us know if you come across a word you think we should include.  Read Part One here. Metros cuadrados: The area of a property, measured in square metres. N.I.E: Identity Number for Foreigners - required for a property purchase Nota Simple Informativa: Extract from the land register with main points from the land registry Notario: The Notary Public records the details of all property purchases in Spain and makes sure that both buyer and seller understand the details of the contract. Nota Simple: Certificate from the land registry that records the main details of a property. Oferta vinculante: Bank document specifying mortgage conditions Piscina: Swimming pool Piscina communal: Shared swimming pool Piso: Residential flat Playa: Beach Plusvalia: Capital gains tax (paid by seller) Poder: Power of Attorney Prestamo hipotecario: Mortgage loan Preinstalación: Property pre-fitted for aircon or other electrical devices Primera Linea: Front line building by the sea Plaza de Garaje: Parking space Pueblo: Town or village Registro de la Propiedad: Land registry Representante fiscal: Official tax representative Residencia: Residency permit Residente: Resident Retención: 3% retention made by the Spanish government when a property seller is non-resident Salon: Lounge Se vende: For sale Se alquila: For Rent Seguro: Insurance Sin amueblar: Unfurnished Sobre plano: Off plan Solar: Plot of land Sotano: Basement Tasación: Independent valuation of property Terraza: Terrace Tipo de interés: Interest rate Trastero: Storeroom Triplex: Three story townhouse Usufructo: Right to use a property or common area (such as a roof terrace) Valor Catastral: Assessed value of property for tax purposes Vistas al mar: Sea view WC: Small bathroom Zona residencial: Residential area Zona turística: Tourist resort Zonas comunes: Communal areas of a complex or building Cárdenas Real Estate are south Gran Canaria's most recommended estate agency and have been in business since 1980. If you plan to buy or sell in south Gran Canaria, we are the safe and smart way to do it.