23 Jun 2014

Here's why summer is the best time for you to visit Gran Canaria and find your dream property.

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The summer is the hottest period of the year in Gran Canaria and we’re not just talking about the weather: Here’s why summer is the best time for you to visit Gran Canaria and find your dream property.  

Estate agents have more time

Most people search for property in Gran Canaria during the winter months: It’s high season for visitors and the period when people spend longest on the island. This makes it a busy period for estate agents in the island’s resorts. For a more relaxed property search and more personal attention from agents we recommend visitng the island during the summer. You’ll get more time with your agent and learn more about the market and the best properties.  

Lower prices

Property prices tend to be lower during the summer months. With fewer buyers on the island demand and prices tend to be lower. Another factor is that rental occupancies are lower during the summer and rental incomes dip. This makes sellers more likely to accept an offer.  

More Choice

During the winter high season good properties can sell as soon as they are listed. However, the stock of quality properties for sale grows in the summer because less of them sell fast. As a summersearchers youhave more choice and are less likely to miss out on your perfect property.  

Cheaper flights

With fewer people visiting the island flights tend to be cheaper during the summer months. For the best flight and accommodation deals book well in advance ​ or contact us as we can arrange a place to stay for your summer viewing trip. ​   To find your perfect Gran Canaria property this summerlet us know when you’re coming and what you’re looking for. We’ll make sure we have a shortlist of quality options for you to view as soon as you’ve settled in.