23 Sep 2013

Home Staging Tips For Selling Property In Gran Canaria

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Whether you’ve decided to upgrade your Gran Canaria holiday home or simply fallen in love with a different property Cárdenas Real Estate help you to sell your property. Here are some easy but effective home staging tips to make your property as attractive as possible to buyers.


The key is to eliminate clutter and make your property as spacious and inviting as possible. Over time furniture, and ornaments build up in our home and can make rooms feel cramped.

It’s best to work out what the main function of each room is and remove any surplus furniture. This makes it easier for viewers to see themselves living in the home.

Tip: Pack away books if your shelves are full and store all but a few of your ornaments. Make sure each room or area has a single focal ornament or grouping.


Buyers want to see a home that they can live in and make their own. Bright colour themes make a property feel like it belongs to someone else. It is always best to stick to neutral colours.  In Gran Canaria pale terracotta hues and yellows are traditional and give your home a local feel that appeals to foreign buyers.

Tip: Neutral colours appeal to both sexes so keep the pinks and bright reds to a minimum to avoid putting off one half of a couple.

First Impressions

What’s the first thing people see as they approach your property? Whether it is the gate, garden or front door make sure that it is freshly painted or cleaned and looks at its best. Buyers make decisions about properties in seconds and the first impression is vital.

Tip: Pots of flowering plants or herbs by doors and gates make a property look pretty and well-looked after.


Use the free plants and flowers from your garden to decorate the inside of your home. The beautiful tropical flowers and foliage that grow in Gran Canaria are a major attraction to buyers. If you don’t have a garden a quick visit to the florist is a good investment.

Tip: New appliances make a kitchen look newer and more modern and new cupboard handles refresh old units. Mirrors make small rooms look bigger and brighter.

Last Minute

Open the curtains and blinds and let as much light into your home as possible before viewings. It’s a cliché but a few freshly baked biscuits or the smell of coffee creates a positive impression.

Is home staging the solution for your Gran Canaria property? Download our PDF guide to selling a Gran Canaria property and you’ll get 32-pages of professional, independent tips.