04 Nov 2008

Legal assistance services increasingly required!

Published in Legal & Tax

Real estate purchases are sometimes agreed privately. Over the years we have been offering legal assistance also in real estate purchases that have been agreed between a private seller and a buyer without us acting as agents. We are experiencing a growing demand for these services, which are already an important business division in our company. And the fact is that we are better prepared than ever to offer this assistance: our legal department is lead by Daniel García Chagrin (*), Lawyer and Tax Advisor with several years experience exclusively in real estate law and property transactions, inheritances, etc. You might be told that making a real estate transaction in Gran Canaria is simple, just a matter of visiting the Notary’s office. This is very far from reality, there are legal and tax implications that need to be considered carefully, or otherwise may cost a lot of money and/ or trouble. In any case you should contact a reputed lawyer or real estate professional. At Cardenas we have two in one. We are your trustworthy partner and ensure you a smooth purchase of your property in Gran Canaria, even if you have found it somewhere else! * Daniel García Chagrin studied Law in Las Palmas and Granada and graduated at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He later followed a postgraduate course in Tax Law. He joined his parents' company in 2004 and is nowadays responsible for the legal & tax department providing clients legal and tax support and advice and verifying each sales & rentals transaction. He speaks fluent Spanish, German, English and French. Email: daniel@cardenas-grancanaria.com By Daniel García Chagrin