12 May 2015

Lights, Camera, Action: Gran Canaria Offers New Incentives To Film-Makers

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The Canary Islands’ special tax regime makes Gran Canaria an attractive place to set up a business or to make films and TV programmes.

Along with the obvious attractions of the island; long, sunny days, spectacular locations, great transport links and infrastructure, etc;  the island now offers tax incentives to international film-makers.

From January 1st 2015, any movie project filmed in Gran Canaria benefits from a 35% rebate of eligible costs spent in Gran Canaria.

To qualify, a filming project must invest a minimum of € 1,000,000 of the film total budget in Gran Canaria and contract a Spanish production service company.

Eligible costs are:

Creative staff costs up to €50,000 per person: Actors, screenwriter, technical head of sound, cinematographer, etc, with tax residence in Spain or EU country.

Expenses incurred for hiring technical companies and other providers of services.The maximum deduction: € 4,500,000 for film.

The maximum deduction is capped at € 4,500,000 per film.

For more information, visit the Gran Canaria Film Commission website.

For property services during filming, contact us.



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