08 Feb 2024

Mogán Announces Ambitious Plans To Improve The Playa De Mogán Area

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News

The Mogán municipal authorities plan to improve the appearance and accessibility of the Playa de Mogán area between the GC500 road and the ocean.

The main aim of the new plan (which comes after the original 2014 plan was annulled by a court judgement) is to make the area more pleasant for both residents and tourists. This involves improving the access between the different areas of Mogán behind the beach and the marina with a focus on pedestrians.

Amongst the most significant features of the new plan are the following:

  • Improvements to pedestrian access between areas such as the Parque de Las Gañanías and the Cañada de Los Gatos archaeological site.

  • The old Muelle Viejo jetty and La Caletilla cove will become accessible bathing areas with platforms for sunbathing and a zone for events such as outdoor film projections and concerts. There will also be a museum of interpretation centre dedicated to the traditional fishing industry of Mogán.

  • In the resort and tourism focused zone behind the beach, existing businesses such as hotels, apartment complexes and shopping centres, will be able to somewhat expand their footprint onto public areas. For example, they would be able to open terraces. However, the plan does not include any new hotels or an increase in the number of tourist beds.

  • A change to the uses of ground floor properties in the El Risco residential barrio of Mogán just behind the marina. Under the new rules some spaces could be turned into residences and others into business premises.

  • A funicular lift with panoramic views that connects the marina area to the viewpoint at the top of El Risco barrio, plus a scenic walkway that runs along the back of El Risco.

  • Refurbishment of the barranco area that separates El Risco and the marina zone from the beach area. This will include walkways on either side as well as cycle routes.

  • A new underground car park underneath the football pitch next to the GC500 road to make up for reduced parking closer to the beach. This will be linked to the beach and marina areas by pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, and electric buses.

The plan is now open for public consultation and there is as yet no starting date for the works needed.