29 Feb 2016

New Law Protects Residential Property Rights In Gran Canaria

Published in Legal & Tax, Living in Gran Canaria
The Canarian Government has underlined its commitment to protecting the property rights of residents in Gran Canaria's resorts with an amendment to the new Land Use Act (Ley de Suelo). The measure means that existing residential use of property in resort areas is regarded as consolidated and cannot be penalized. It will go to Parliament for approval before the summer. The new  Minister of Política Territorial, Nieves Lady Barreto, said that it was a way for the Government to show its commitment to the residents of resort areas and their rights and comes after a sustained campaign by resident groups. The amendment is designed as a temporary measure to protect owners until a new version of the Tourism Law is approved in 2017. This will recognize the de-facto right of residence of people who currently live in Gran Canaria's resort areas.

What does it mean?

This amendment to the Land Use Act and the eventual changes to the Tourism Act will affect resort properties and complexes that, while originally built for touristic purposes, have become de facto residential. Complexes that have become residential will receive a special classification as 'consolidado' but the land they are built on will not be changed to residential land. This protects owners’ rights but does not preliminarily allow them to rent their property to tourists on a short-term basis.