29 Mar 2016

Nine Professional Tips For Selling You Gran Canaria Property

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The impression a buyer gets from your property when they first walk through the door is powerful and has a huge influence on their buying decision. Here’s how to make sure that your Gran Canaria property looks its best during every visit.

Tip # 1: Be open and friendly

It’s important to greet potential buyers, make them feel comfortable in your property and be there to answer any questions they have. Talk to your agent in advance about the best way to organise the visit so that you don’t end up repeating the same information.

Tip # 2: Be Flexible

Many buyers that view property in Gran Canaria are only on the island for a few days so it’s important to be as flexible as possible with the times that you can show them your home. Interested buyers may also want to visit their top options at different times of day so factor in repeat visits.

Tip # 3: Let in the fresh air

Buyers favour property that feels, and smells, fresh and airy so make sure that you open the windows and allow the breeze to flow through. This is particularly important if you use your Gran Canaria property as a holiday home; Get a resident friend or your estate agent to visit before viewings to make sure that it is fresh.

Tip # 4: Declutter

The tidier a property, the larger it feels and more a potential buyer will be able to imagine it as their home. This is why we recommend making sure that your property is clutter-free and recently cleaned when you are selling.

If possible, put some of your possessions into storage so that your property feels spacious.

Tip # 5: Keep pets out of the way

The outdoor Gran Canaria lifestyle makes it a great place to have a dog, but some buyers are put off by pets. It’s best to make sure that they are out for a walk or at least in their kennel during visits.

Tip # 6: The brighter the better

Buyers in Gran Canaria expect properties to look and feel bright and airy so open all the curtains and as many windows as possible before each visit. If your property has a garden, make sure that there are some flowers on view out of the windows, and that there is nothing obstructing the view.

Tip # 7: Provide all the information

Buyers feel confident when all the information they need about a property is available so we advise all owners to have their paperwork and any relevant information about the property on display during viewings.

Tip # 8: Bring the outdoors inside your property

The outdoor lifestyle in Gran Canaria is a large part of the attraction for many buyers so it’s a good idea to show off this aspect of your property if possible. Ways to do this include making sure the patio and balcony doors are open and bringing flowers and pot plants or from the garden into the house.

Tip # 9: Respond  to feedback

Viewers may not always say what they think about your property but if you notice that that something had a negative impact on them, consider making changes, or speak to your agent about how to improve your property for the next visit.

Bonus Tip: The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Gran Canaria Property

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