14 Aug 2008

Nothing can stop the British rush for the sun

Published in News

Even as Gordon Brown braves it out on holiday in Suffolk, Brits are jumping on planes and heading out of the UK at a rate of 1,000 every day, according to the Office for National Statistics. Talk of the credit crunch was expected to deter people from upping sticks and heading for sunnier shores, but it's not, and Gran Canaria is perfectly placed to welcome new arrivals with open arms. It seems that many factors are combining together to make people finally snap, and chase their dream of living in the sun. Foreign Currency Direct, did an extensive survey to find out what is driving people out of the UK. The cost of living was top with 51 %, and the UK weather came a close second on 49 % but it's not just negative reasons fuelling the change, many people want a better quality of life for their family. There is so much interest in re-locating, that The Daily Express recently ran a major feature on the trend in their, Your Money pullout. Gran Canaria has all the things that the British are looking for, great beaches, all year round sun, and a relaxed and friendly way of life. Making the big move will always be a tough decision and involve a big commitment but with the help of local experts like Cardenas Real Estate , you can avoid a lot of the stress and get experienced advice to make sure you find the right property from among their vast portfolio.