29 Oct 2007

Population Increase in Mogan

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News

The registered residents in the municipality have increased from 15.771 (2003) to 20.717 (2007), which will mean that the Municipal Council will have 21 councillors instead of the current 17. Besides, this will mean a great economical benefit for Mogán, because the supramunicipal subsidies will increase in more than 20% (comparing with the subsidies received in 2003), since these subsidies are regulated mainly by the number of inhabitants. This will sensibly increase the budget for investment plans, and for the diverse public services. This is a crucial issue, because one of the main problems the Municipality has had to face in the past is the granting of public services for the "floating population", i. e. the tourists who visit or spend long seasons in the area. Source: Maspalomas Ahora