25 Apr 2017

Pueblo Mogán Requests A Bypass

Published in News
Mogán mayor Onalia Bueno wants a bypass around Pueblo Mogán to ease the town's traffic problems. If you've ever driven through Mogán town will know that the current road is narrow and awkward, especially in the section that runs through the town centre. With the Gran Canaria ring road set to be completed within a few years, the traffic problems can only get worse as more people drive around Gran Canaria. Bueno said that the access to the town hasn't changed for 200 years and is now causing significant problems for residents and visitors. The Mogán town hall has asked the Canarian Government to include the bypass in the next tranche of roadworks planned for the island along with improvements to the motorway access to Arguineguín town. Her plan is to route a bypass along the edge of the barranco or ravine that runs right by Pueblo Mogán. The project, which includes bridges, is expected to cost €33m and would make the centre of Pueblo Mogan a much easier place to walk around.