16 Jan 2015

Seven Ways That Living In Gran Canaria Changes You For Ever

Published in Living in Gran Canaria

The superb climate and laid back Gran Canaria lifestyle affect everybody who lives on the island. Here’s seven good ways that living in Gran Canaria changes you:

Bananas never taste the same anywhere else

Once you’ve eaten a Canarian banana ripened in the sun all other bananas taste of nothing. There’s no going back to those big, bright yellow things wrapped up in plastic. Only a little Gran Canaria banana with black spots on is good enough. As for the mangoes …

You forget how to plan your days

Most people have several plans for a day out depending on the weather. In Gran Canaria you only need a sunshine plan. On the rare days when it rains you don’t need a plan. You just watch the rain along with everybody else.

Your feet get too wide for closed shoes

It’s hot and sunny all year round and closed shoes just fill with sand. You’ve got a pair at the back of the wardrobe just in case but when you put them on they give you blisters. Gran Canaria has changed your feet forever. Everything goes with sandals anyway.

You arrive back home with no clothes

When you moved to Gran Canaria you had a big collection of coats, jumpers and woolly socks. Over time you needed the room for beach towels, parasols and walking gear so the winter clothes disappeared. When you go home you find out that wearing sandals in winter is only a good idea in Gran Canaria. And what are pyjamas again?

You expect good seafood

How come you can buy a huge box of prawns or squid for next to nothing in Gran Canaria while in the rest of Europe the only ones in the shops are tiny, expensive and tasteless? You love going back north to visit friends and family but can’t wait to get back to a good plate of calamares with plenty of lemon juice. Seafood never tastes as good if the sun isn’t shining.

How much for a coffee?

You order a coffee and get a bucket of tasteless brown liquid that costs an arm and a leg. How come when good, cheap coffee is everywhere in Gran Canaria? And why does nobody else in Europe know what a cortado largo is?

You get bored of indoors

Living in Gran Canaria you spend most of your day outdoors, either on the beach or walking about. At home the house is just a way of getting to the terrace. Everywhere else people spend whole days indoors watching the television and waiting for it to stop raining. Don’t they get bored without a swim in the sea every day?

How has living in Gran Canaria changed you? Let us know with a comment.