04 Feb 2010

Spain fights back in value stakes

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News
Spain and its wonderfully sunny islands like Gran Canaria, are emerging as better value than ever, pushing holiday high fliers like Turkey, down the pecking order. The British Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer has shown a 44% rise in Turkey for meals, drinks and other holiday items. Spain, in contrast, is now the cheapest Eurozone destination, with a 30% fall in the cost of similar holiday items since last year. That's nice to know, but behind the figures, is an even more important message, the all year round sun and high temperatures make sure that Gran Canaria is still one of the most popular places for British holiday makers to visit and to live. The south coast of Gran Canaria offers fantastic beaches that never go out of style, and with good transport, schools and shops, it's sure to continue to put other holiday spots in the shade. By Cardenas News Photo by Oliver Bossecker, taken from Cardenas Facebook