25 Jun 2010

Tradition at its best. Romeria Antonio el Chico, Mogán 2010

Published in Living in Gran Canaria
Although I was personally denied the opportunity to participate myself this year I felt the need to write about this great event which I have been to many times over the past years.  Leonor (second from left in the picture in 2007), our office director in Puerto Rico spent the weekend there with her family and dressed up to join in the fun and our colleague Marta also went to watch together with her family and some friends visiting the island who marvelled at the experience. More than 3000 people congregated in this small village where the locals pride themselves on the utmost attention to detail in every aspect including costumes and religious beliefs. It is one of a few where the locals walk along offering a taste of the typical food products to the bystanders. Many conclude that this is one of the best Romerias on the island and this year 19 Pilgrimage floats from Mogán and other areas of the island decorated the streets together with the traditionally dressed participants. Together the village was bought alive with the sounds of music from the traditional Canarian guitars, folklore singers and dancers. The celebrations lasted well into the early hours with many out until the sun came up. By Lucy Evans