31 Jan 2011

Valley of Agaete - north Gran Canaria

Published in Living in Gran Canaria
[gallery link="file" columns="5"] Before your eyes lies a wide, deep green valley, behind which you can glimpse the sea glowing in various shades of blue. The total silence calms your very inner self. Birds are happily chirping from palm trees. The barking of a dog, carried by its echo several times through the valley. The morning air is still fresh. But only until the first sun rays are arising over the nearly vertical rock walls. Now you turn into the trail leading to the pine forests of Tamadaba and where with every path the whole of the valley unfolds before your eyes. You walk past the still dewy and colourful meadows. The landscape may almost remind you of the Austrian Alps – were it not for the majestic palm trees and the soothing ocean. You see waving grain fields, mystical caves of the natives. You hear little gurgling streams, the humming of insects and the rustling of the wind. Now you have really arrived on the island. Now you feel how it must have been thousands of years ago. Long before the Spaniards set their feet on the island and started to explore it. But you know: It is still strong and beautiful!