16 Dec 2009

Walk Valsequillo-San Mateo and tribute for Pilar

Published in Living in Gran Canaria

Nine o’clock in the morning the bus starts driving from Arguineguín. After making some stops to pick up the rest of us we started heading for Valsequillo. Some of our colleagues also brought their children. We reached the village about 11 in the morning. Valsequillo is a little village high up in the mountains in the centre of the island. In this part of the island the weather usually gets closer to the extremes – cold or really hot. This Saturday was a really warm and sunny day. We got prepared and began walking uphill surrounded by the amazing rock formations. The two new Norwegians girls, Anne and Natalia, got soon ahead. As this had been their first week working for Cárdenas they had really been looking forward to this day to get to know everybody and for hiking in this beautiful and diverse landscape. The children were also very eager to walk and were especially entertained with the fauna of the area. After walking for about two hours we reached the highest point on this track “Lomo de el Montañon”. Here we could enjoy the view of the capital of Gran Canaria Las Palmas. We arrived to San Mateo around one o’clock. We got together with the rest of our colleagues and went to see the market in San Mateo. Afterwards we found the way to the restaurant La Veguetilla. The whole company had been planning for some time a tribute for a special and really appreciated colleague. Pilar has been working for Cárdenas for more than 15 years as part of the administration. After a fantastic meal the rest of the evening was dedicated to celebrate and honour Pilar. See all pictures here By Natalia Ballester @ Cardenas