22 Mar 2017

New Gran Canaria Road To Open In Just Two Weeks

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Since the famous section of the GC-200 west coast road between La Aldea and El Risco closed permanently in 2016, there has been no easy way of driving around Gran Canaria. The cliff-edge road closed in November 2016 after a big landslide and the government decided not to clear it due to expense and risk. Since the closure, the only way of getting from La Aldea to Agaete was to head inland from La Aldea and then drive back down to the coast; a scenic but long route. However, the new 7 KM inland stretch of road between La Aldea and El Risco is now asphalted and is due to open within two weeks once the signs and road markings are in place. The new road cuts the time needed to get from La Aldea to El Risco from 20 minutes to seven minutes and has cost 89 million euros. A further four KM of new road between El Risco and Agaete is planned but work is yet to start.