Services to the Landlord

Our comprehensive services for landlords in Gran Canaria make sure that once we have helped you to find the perfect property we’ll safeguard your investment all year round.

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Thanks to our leasing management service you can enjoy your income and peace of mind as a landlord, safe in the knowledge that we are available to help at all times. The service includes a wide range of benefits including:

  • Guidance on prices, types of contract and profitability
  • Proposals for improvement and/or refurbishment of the property
  • Minimum equipment and quality control of the property
  • Issue of the energy efficiency certificate
  • Registration of services and supplies
  • Custody of keys
  • Marketing to attract and locate potential tenants (long term)
  • High quality photographs
  • Listing on our website in 4 languages
  • Preliminary economic evaluation of potential tenants
  • Drafting of the rental contract in Spanish and English
  • Assistance to tenants and landlords in case of incidents

We understand that landlords are looking to enjoy their investment and the income it generates with complete freedom and peace of mind, we help you make this a reality.

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