Services to the Seller

We have the experience, IT, real estate services and up-to-date marketing plan to ensure sellers achieve the sale of their property in Gran Canaria at the best possible price and in the best possible timeframe.

Happy couple with advisor about to sign a contract

Our expertise and comprehensive range of services ensure that every transaction is completed at maximum speed and with maximum legal security. Every experience is smooth and pleasant from first contact until the signing at the notary’s office and beyond.

Our real estate services for property sellers in Gran Canaria include:

  • Personalised service in 10 languages
  • Personalised and continuous advice from a real estate consultant with ongoing training
  • Market reports for youOur real estate services for property sellers in Gran Canaria include:r area
  • Professional inspection and valuation of your property
  • Documentation required for the sale
  • Large portfolio of loyal customers
  • Up-to-date international marketing plan, including:
    • Optimal presentation of your property by means of tips, homestaging, etc.
    • High quality audio-visual material
    • 3d property floor plans
    • Sale notification to all of our registered potential buyers, updated daily
    • Registration of the property in the MLS Boican and Agora MLS (105 agencies in the Canary Islands, 525 in Spain)
    • We collaborate and share fees
    • Visible selling signs
    • Visibility in our excellently located offices
    • Website with excellent positioning in Google
    • Top national and international portals
    • Property of the week on our Facebook page with more than 6.000 followers
    • Monthly newsletter with more than 9.000 subscribers
    • Additional specific actions according to each case: open house, online campaigns, etc.
    • Additional specific actions for promoters
  • Buyer qualification
  • Multilingual advice and services to buyers
  • Financing management
  • Regular meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Calculation of sale costs
  • Hassle-free process thanks to our Transaction, Legal, Tax and After Sales Services

Of course, our ultimate goal is to achieve the best price in the shortest time for every seller, but we also work hard to make the process as smooth as possible, ensuring that you have the best experience from start to finish.

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