29 Jan 2008

All hail the Carnaval Queen

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News
No Don't Stop The Carnaval, said the 1960's hit record, and in the Canary Islands no one would want to try. Las Palmas 2008 Carnaval is in full swing and on Friday night one of the key events took place, the election of the Carnaval Queen. The theme this year is Olympia-home of the Gods, and the symbol is the winged sandal of Hermes. All feet have wings at this time of year, as they dance non stop through the night spurred on by the colour, tradition and driving rhythm. Carnaval Queen The tension crackled in the night air at Santa Catalina park before the biggest smile of the night outshone even the cascade of fireworks that greeted the announcement. the crown belongs to 21 year old Iraya Viera in her creation entitled, Las Palmas Mon Amour. There is so much glitter and material these days that a metal framework and castors for wheels are needed to make the contestants glide across the stage. Iraya was floating on a cushion of emotion as she accepted her crown, the signal to the 4,000 crowd to dance into the early hours with Colombian superstar Juanes whipping them into a musical frenzy. The moment has gone but there are many more to come before the final night, the funeral of the sardine on February9, dance, dance, dance.  By Cardenas News