19 Feb 2014

Focus on Mogán: The Venice of Gran Canaria

Published in Living in Gran Canaria

Mogán was once a remote fishing port on the south west coast of Gran Canaria but today it is one of the island’s top destinations. With a beautiful marina famous for its bougainvillea arches and pretty lanes, and a great golden-sand beach backed by local restaurants, Mogán deserves its reputation as the Venice of Gran Canaria.

A day in Mogán

Many people visit on Friday’s for the market in the town and out along the harbour wall. However, if you want a quieter day, the head over during the week. The port’s restaurants and bars are open every day and do a huge range of food from fresh fish to authentic Italian pasta. For cheap eats and the best view of the whole port and the beach, walk to the very end of the harbour wall and sit on the upstairs deck. You don’t have to do anything in Mogán other tha wander around but you can arrange fishing trips or take a ferry ride to any of the other marinas along the south coast. For watersports go to the beach and choose your craft. Mogan’s beach is sheltered and the water is as warm as it gets on the island (Mogán is one of the sunniest spots in the Canary Islands). Either rent sun loungers or lie of the golden sand right by the water. The restaurants behind the beach are a little cheaper than the harbour ones and all have outside terraces by the promenade.

The Mogán Valley

Mogán valley or barranco, goes from the sea right up to the pine forests. For a day trip into the mountains the winding road up is a spectacular way to approach the centre of the island. Mogán is also the perfect spot to end a day’s driving with a sunset drink and dinner. Pueblo Mogan, about 10 minutes drive inland from the port, is a peaceful Canarian village with stunning views of the valley and the mountains. It’s worth walking into the village and following its lanes and paths for glimpses of local life and the surrounding fields and fruit orchards. Some of the island’s best mangos and oranges grow right here!

Property in Mogán

As a highly desirable destination, Mogán’s property prices are high compared to nearby resorts such as Puerto Rico and Tauro. However, there are still bargains to be had in the area behind the marina and also up in the gorgeous Mogán valley. For a rural holiday home just minutes from the beach, this is a top place to look.

At Cardenas we love Mogán so much that we have an office right in the town square. You’ll see us by the big tree opposite the arches over the inlet. If, like many visitors, you fall in love with Mogán, pop in and let us know. We have some beautiful properties in the port and in the valley and are always there to offer friendly advice.

Mogán’s mix of local life and beautiful marina makes it one of Gran Canaria’s star attractions. It’s a place you can see in a day or get to know in a lifetime. Whichever option you choose, you know that the fish will always be fresh, the flowers always blooming, and the sun always shining. See you in Mogán.