11 Feb 2011

Gran Canaria – A mini continent full of surprises

Published in Living in Gran Canaria
View to The Teide from Arguineguin, Gran Canaria Playa de Mogan at this beautiful day Gran Canaria on average ranges in temperatures from 20 to 30 degrees throughout the year so yesterday came as a great surprise when the temperature dropped to 14 degrees at 6pm in Puerto Rico and Arguíneguin. For those born here or have lived here for many years it was a huge shock to the system to experience such low temperatures! By midday today the temperature was back to a desirable 24 degrees and the beaches where packed with the tourists making up for lost time. How true it is when we tell the visitors to our Island that Gran Canaria is a mini continent full of surprises. The beauty of yesterdays weather was clearly seen up n the mountains where the temperature dropped as low as -1. A blanket of snow turned the highest point of the island into a winter wonderland to which many islanders witnessed for the first time even driving up during the night before the snow disappeared. For those of us who could not drive up to witness the snow on the mountains we could at least see it from far thanks to the spectacular view of Mount Teide in Tenerife. This beautiful view can be seen clearly on sunny days from nearly every point along the south west coast of Gran Canaria. Look towards Puerto de Mogan on a clear day from the coast in Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Amardores and you will not miss it.