01 Apr 2008

Playa del Ingles, a window on nature

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News

 The southern tourist hotspots of Gran Canaria are bright, modern and vibrant but local experts, Cardenas Real Estateare well aware of the ancient wonders of nature that surround their key investment areas of Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan, Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles. The seas surrounding the Canary Islands are used by a third of all whale and dolphin species in the world. These proud independent creatures are a symbol of the islands and a popular attraction to visitors. Sometimes they need our help, and this last weekend the animal loving people of Playa del Ingles were able to give a helping hand to a young male dolphin. The dolphin had become stranded in shallow water near the shore and was in some distress. The local maritime rescue and animal welfare agencies sprung into action and captured the stricken animal, and with great care, transported it to the Taliarte rescue centre, where vets from the University of Las Palmas were waiting to treat it. Thankfully there was little damage, but the dolphin was kept under watch for 12 hours and checked out for stress and disorientation. Once recovered, the dolphin was taken by boat, out 6 miles from the shore of Playa del Ingles and released to join it's pod of friends back in the wild. There are plenty of pleasure boats that can take you out to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, from Gran Canaria. They are all licenced and have to conform to a strict code of conduct, to make sure they give these magnificent creatures the room and respect they deserve. Just more examples of the wonders that the island of Gran Canaria can bring into your lives every day when you relocate to this sunshine corner of the Atlantic. By Cardenas News