11 Mar 2011

Say Cheers To Life In Gran Canaria

Published in Living in Gran Canaria, News
You may think you know Gran Canaria well but it can always serve up a few new surprises, for instance did you know that it produces some of the tastiest coffee beans in the world? The coffee drinking culture is part of the relaxed lifestyle that the island offers, even in the wonderful year round temperate climate you will find bars and cafes full of locals and visitors relaxing and chatting over a coffee or two. Now the rest of Europe is getting a chance to enjoy a taste of Gran Canaria in their own homes. London based Sea Island Coffee LTD has discovered the satisfying taste of the arabica typica beans grown at finca La Corcovada in the Agaete valley. Described as having a delicate body and fruity tones, this exotic coffee bean is being nurtured by Juan Godoy and his family. The microclimate created in the Agaete valley ensures that the beans enjoy soothing winds and shade from nearby mango and papaya. Just think if the Gran Canaria climate is so kind to nature it will surely make your move to the island a long and restful one.