12 Mar 2010

Walking uphill in Barranco Los Palmitos, Gran Canaria

Published in Living in Gran Canaria
It so seldom rains in Gran Canaria that it is quite a happening for the locals and all those who live permanently here. The tourists seeking the sun will forgive us for rejoicing over every drop of rain that falls upon the thirsty ground, making the landscape greener and greener. So on a Sunday some weeks ago after the last big rain, we did the same as many people and went in search of the water running downhill from the mountains. But we did not drive far on crowded roads. We chose the small and quite secluded valley behind Los Palmitos Park and the Tennis Hotel Helga Masthoff (presently still closed for repairs after the fire damaged part of it in July 2007). We just walked down to and past the hotel and then up the barranco, first on a narrow path on the hillside and now and then through the reeds and jumping from one stone to another across the stream. It was fun and a real pleasure to see and to hear the clear water streaming down and forming tiny water falls and pools, where our dog Simba thoroughly enjoyed herself paddling in the water. But hush! Do not tell anybody about it! We would not want that lovely secluded place to get over crowded during the weekends… By Rolande Chagrin