21 Feb 2019

Selling A Gran Canaria Property: Quality Photography Is Vital

Published in Seller tips

The single most important thing you can do when you sell a Gran Canaria property is to display it with quality photos. This is because most property buyers these days start their search online on websites and property portals. For the Gran Canaria property market, where many buyers live abroad and search from home, quality property photography is even more important. Their first impressions come from the photos they see and it’s been shown that quality photos increase the number of online views of a property by over 60%. If your property stands out, buyers are far more likely to add it to their viewing list.

What is a quality property photo?

Quality property photos show off each room of a home in a way that makes it look attractive. To do this they need to be large, bright and well-composed. Bright, eye-catching photos can be taken with a camera phone or a point-and-shoot camera but not consistently. To produce a series of quality images of a property you need a quality tool like a dSLR camera with interchangeable lenses and flexible flash lighting. The images they produce when used by a trained photographer are far more enticing than standard photos taken with a simple camera or a phone. This is why we train our consultants in real estate photography and use professional DSLR cameras to photograph all of our properties. We also use external professional photographers when required. We make the effort to make your property looks at its best so that you stand the best chance of selling quickly at a good price.

The future of property photography in Gran Canaria

At Cárdenas Real Estate we are always looking just over the horizon for new ways to display our clients’ properties. This is why we use aerial photography to show buyers the area surrounding each property, plus short videos to give buyers an accurate idea of their layout. We also offer VR tours for some properties as well as 3D imagery. Quality photography comes as standard when you list a property with Cárdenas Real Estate. It’s just one element of the complete marketing plan we prepare for every property that we put on the market. For a full guide to selling your Gran Canaria property, please download our completely free, 32-page guide